To Contact Board Members or the POA:  579-2044 or e-mail at CSPOA@carolinashores.net


Al Franklin – President, Peter Kirkby – Vice President, Kerry Jarrell – Treasurer, Diana Mardall – Secretary,

Jack Bendy – Director, John Csernecky – Director, Sue Hensler – Director, and Mike Jacobson - Director


Merrilee Burns – Co-Editor      Linda Rugg – Co-Editor

CSPOA website: www.carolinashoresPOA.org




Message from the Board – Al Franklin, President


Starting September 1, 2016 all yard sale signs will have to be approved by the POA.  Fill out the application at the POA office and it will be approved, the POA will send a copy to the Town of Carolina Shores.  This procedure will keep you from going to the Town.  The application will have guidelines on where you can place the signs and how long they can stay up.  The Town code enforcement officer will know which signs have been approved.  If they are not approved, locations are not correct and do not meet the time frame the signs will be taken.  The POA and the Town are trying to make this process easy and we appreciate your cooperation.


The landscaping project along the pool fence has shown some progress.  The plan is to have the wall and the planting bed finished in a few weeks.  Planting will be done in October.


The shower at the pool is for rinsing ONLY before you go into the pool and after when you are leaving the pool. Rinsing means just that, no soap or shampoo.


One comment I need to make.  At the Board meeting for August there were a number of members there to give their opinion on the early activities at the pool.  These individuals got out of order because things did not go their way.  They were so loud that they did not hear me say they were out of order.  Needless to say, this disrupted the meeting and the Board had to go to another room.  We are not going to tolerate this kind of behavior.  So please let’s act as adults and not children.  Thank you.






September 14, 2016, 9:30 a.m. – MONTHLY BOARD MEETING







How to Submit Articles to the Bulletin

The DEADLINE for submitting articles for the Bulletin is 5:00 p.m. on the 20th of each month for the following month’s issue.

YOU MUST EMAIL ARTICLES to: cspoabulletin@gmail.com. Do not use the office email. Be sure to include the name of the activity in the “subject” line of your email. Thank you.



Carolina Shores TOWN PICNIC


Sunday, September 25, 2016


Tickets for the 1st Annual Carolina Shores Picnic and Craft Fair will go on sale Monday, August 29, 2016 and will be available until September 20.  This event will be held on Sunday, September 25, 2016 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Brunswick Community College, South Brunswick Island Center on Route 17.  The picnic food will be served from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.  Tickets can be purchased by residents at Town Hall located at 200 Persimmon Road, Carolina Shores.  The cost of tickets is $5.00 per person and children under the age of 3 are free for the Low Country Seafood Boil picnic. There will be games for all ages, Door Prizes, a Magician, Fun Fatale Trio, EMS equipment, Blood Pressure Screening, Calabash Fire trucks and more.... We look forward to seeing you there.


There will be a CAKE WALK to BENEFIT the JESSIE MAE MONROE SCHOOL.  We need your donated cakes for the WALK.


Bake your best cake [or dessert] and bring it to the Town Picnic on Sunday, September 25, between noon and 1:30 p.m.  The fee will be $1.00 each to 11 people who walk around the cake to music.  When the music stops, the dice is rolled and the person standing on that lucky number wins the cake.  We hope to raise $500 for the school’s benefit, so we need at least 45 cakes to do the “Walk”.



Recreation CommitteeSue O’Reilly

http://www.leehansen.com/clipart/Parties/Picnic/images/picnic.gifOur Labor Day Picnic, scheduled for Sunday September 4, 2016 promises to be a successful event.  Tickets have been picked up by many of our residents to enjoy the food prepared by Jerome’s of Shallotte, the fun activities available, the music by Fun Fatale, as well as sharing a pleasant afternoon with neighbors and friends.


Save the Date - Saturday, October 29, 2016 - Halloween Party in the POA clubhouse at 7:00 p.m. ‘til?.


The Committee is working with some of our resident volunteers to reprise the Halloween event from last year.  All who attended agreed it was a great evening and this year we hope to make it even better.  Participants should bring finger food to share, water and soda will be provided.  Costumes are optional, but it is always fun when the inner child is displayed!  Let creativity reign!  There will be games for all and prizes for costume participants. 



Nextdoor.com news Deb Gonzalez and Brenda Edwards


Online communityWould you like to be a part of our NEXTDOOR community website?  This is a wonderful social networking application for neighborhoods which not only allows you to share information with your neighbors, but also is used by public safety organizations to send out messages, emergency and informational, to those people who sign up for it.   So for example, they can post a notice about a lost child, a rash of neighborhood robberies, or an escaped convict near our area.  We ourselves can post notices about yard sales, lost pets, upcoming events of interest, items for sale or giveaway, etc.  It’s like an electronic neighborhood bulletin board--kind of a fancy version of our Neighbor News.  However, once you sign up, you can post things yourself, and they will get seen by any of your neighbors who sign up.

Please consider signing up—it’s an excellent way to share neighborhood information quickly and efficiently. And it’s private—only your neighbors can see it.  Check it out on the internet—www.nextdoor.com




Renegade News – Geri McTighe


Ladybirds Tournaments


The Renegades continue to post winning scores at the Ladybirds Tournaments.  Results for July and August:


July 27 at Crow Creek:

Flight 2     Sue Keck                 1st Low Net

Flight 4     Karen Hertling        2nd Low Gross

                 Linda Mullins          1st Low Net

                 Donna Watkins       2nd Low Net

Flight 6     Sharon Clark           1st Low Gross

                 Jirina Toussaint       2nd Low Gross

Flight 8     Cindy Baker            Low Putts

Flight 10   Debbie Creamer     1st Low Gross

                 Kay Craig               1st Low Net


August 16 at Magnolia Greens:

Flight 2     Karen Hertling         2nd Low Gross

                 Donna Watkins        2nd Low Net

Flight 5     Peggy Lewis             Low Putts

                 Debbie Creamer       1st Low Gross

                 Lin Penta                 2nd Low Net


Congratulations to all the winners!


The Renegades play every Thursday morning at Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club.  If you have just moved to the area or if you have lived here for years and would like to play in an 18-hole golf league, contact Kathy Harniman at 575-1120 or Phillip Bureau at the golf course for more details.  New members are always welcome.




Tennis News – Bob Anthony


MCj00906290000[1]Open Tennis is alive and well despite the heat and humidity.  Open Tennis is available to all Carolina Shores P.O.A. residents in good standing and their guests.  For the summer months Open Tennis starts at 8:30 a.m.  However, beginning on Labor Day, September 5, 2016, Open Tennis will start at 9:00 a.m.  The starting time will revert to 8:30 a.m. for the summer months on Monday, May 29, 2017.  Hope to see you out there.



Men's Golf Association Activities – Kerry Jarrell


On August 26, 2016 the Carolina Shores Men's Golf Association (CMGA) held its Senior Championship Tournament.  Since the Senior Championship is based on gross score instead of net score, the winner has bragging rights as the best senior golfer in our league.  Twenty-five golfers participated in this event.  In an effort to make the tournament more fun for all, participants were flighted by handicap into five flights. The weather was great that day, and spirits were high as the golfers stretched, postured, tried to play the I-haven't-been-playing-well-lately card, and otherwise tried to psych out their opponents.  In the end, it was all fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  The overall winner was a veteran Carolina Shores resident, George Balbach, who shot a sizzling 77 to win the “A” flight and overall bragging rights. George Bridges was close behind with a 78.  The list of winners in order are as follows:


Flight A – George Balbach, Bill Marsh, Wayne Burchfield

Flight B – George Bridges, Ed Dupuis, Vince Hammerl

Flight C – Jim Ratcliff, Dick Boyle, Bob Fyock

Flight D – Jim Burke, Mike Donahhue, Leo Jarmusz

Flight E – Joe Broderick, Tom Blaine, Larry Edwards


Congratulations guys.


In October the Association members will be participating in the Ryder Cup Tournament against a team from The Valley Golf Club.  In November the annual Turkey Shoot will be held the week before Thanksgiving.  The Association hosts regular league play every Friday. A signup sheet is posted at the golf clubhouse.   


The Association invites golfers of all skill levels to consider the benefits of joining our group.  Membership in the CSMGA is open to residents of the Town of Carolina Shores over 18 years of age and to any members of the Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club.  Contact Kerry Jarrell, 575-2103, for information.  The Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club is still providing very affordable membership programs for avid golfers as well as occasional golfers. Contact the Course to see which level of participation works best for you.





New Horizons Singles – Carla Urban


MCj04398570000[1]Come and join us for our fun game of Kentucky Derby on September 13, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in the POA clubhouse.  Pat Ferstler will be providing hot dogs for the evening.  You can bring whatever you feel will go along with them as well as your own beverage.  So get out your fanciest chapeau and some quarters for the fun of this game.


As this is the first meeting for the season, please bring your ideas for future programs that you would like to see us do.


We will also need to have ladies to take over the following areas:  treasurer, program coordinator, phone caller and bulletin reporter.  Please consider where you could help out and volunteer for it.  It is very important that we have these positions filled so that we can have our group organized and running smoothly.


Looking forward to seeing you all there along with any newcomers who would like to join us for conversation, good food and entertainment



Garden Club News –  Jane Boyle


Description: MCj04374590000[1]The Carolina Shores Garden Club is having its first meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. in the CSPOA clubhouse.


We are looking for new members, so please encourage your friends and neighbors to come to our meeting and see what new and interesting programs and activities we have planned for the year.  Membership is only $10 a year and is now open to all residents and property owners within the Town of Carolina Shores.


We have various committees you can serve on, such as Scholarship, Sunshine, Luncheons, Hospitality, Beautification and Yard Sale.  We will have signup sheets for these committees at our September meeting and will have members explaining each committee and answer any questions you may have.


We are also looking for someone to be in charge of our monthly plant raffle, as well as someone to be our official photographer.


As part of our first meeting, we will be having a plant exchange.  Please bring a plant marked with your name and the type of plant.  Whoever brings a plant will be able to take another plant home.


If you would like to attend our meetings, but need a ride, please be sure to let us know.  You may call Garen Waters at 579-6169; Linda Rugg at 575-0634; or Jane Boyle at 575-6367 and we will arrange transportation for you.


Looking forward to seeing you on the 14th!



New Friends – Maslin Kain


After a summer break, New Friends will be starting our monthly get-togethers again.  There are a lot of new neighbors in our community and we would love to welcome you to our friendly group!  It's a great way to meet "new friends".  Of course, everyone is welcome.


Our next meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. at the POA clubhouse.  Mary Pritchard will lead the meeting and has invited Mary Timothy, a town commissioner to be our speaker.  It's a great opportunity to hear what's going on in our town!


New Friends meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. at the POA clubhouse unless otherwise announced.  Everyone is welcome.  You do not need to be new to attend.  There are no officers or dues, just a friendly group of people who enjoy being with others and going out to lunch afterwards.  Please remember to bring a non-perishable food item for the SBIC pantry.




Book Discussion Group – Susie Riggs


The Carolina Shores Book Discussion Group met on Friday, August 19 at the POA Clubhouse.  Our selection for this month was Inside The O’Briens by Lisa Genova, a heartbreaking story of a family dealing with Huntington’s Disease, a devastating neurological disorder that has a 50/50 chance of being passed down to future generations.  While it was somewhat painful to read, most club members felt that the book was very well-written and that the story was told with great sensitivity.   

Our August meeting is also the time when we decide on book selections for the coming year.  Each member submits one title for the list.  Our first book, which we will discuss in September, is The Little Paris Bookshop, by Nina George.  The remainder of the list will be posted in next month’s POA Bulletin.

The Book Discussion Group always welcomes new members.  If you enjoy reading and talking about books, you are invited to join us.  We meet on the third Friday of each month at 10:00 AM in the POA Library.  The date of our next meeting is Friday, September 16, 2016. 






Needlework News – Flo Pflaster


The Needlework group met at the POA clubhouse on Monday, August 8, 2016.  This group meets in the POA clubhouse on the second Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. to knit or crochet.  We have no dues or officers and you will find us around the table in the boardroom, chatting and working.


This month we worked on the hats that we are knitting for the "Barb's Wish" project.  This is in memory of Barbara Roth who had started this project before she passed away in January.  The hats will go to veterans and others in need.  We now have over 170 hats completed of the 200 total we are aiming for.  If you are a knitter and would like to join this project, contact Carla Urban at 910-575-2339.  She has a very simple-to-follow pattern and tips to share.  Our group is very small and we would really like to have you join us.


Please consider donating yarn to our group so that we may continue to support our charitable efforts.  Any yarn weight or color is appreciated.


If you are new to the community and like to work with your hands, this group is for you. You don't have to be experienced to join us; we have members willing to help you.  Our next meeting will be on September 12, 2016 at 10 a.m. at the POA clubhouse.



New Neighbors – Flo Pflaster and Eva Jensen


Name:  Colleen Clemensen

Address:  96 Carolina Shores Dr.

Phone:  972-978-7252

Email:  teach419@yahoo.com


Colleen moved here in July from the Hamptons on Long Island, NY.  Her sister lives in Calabash and she decided to relocate here after spending some time visiting her.  Her daughter lives in Tennessee and her son lives in the Hamptons.  She has three little grandchildren.  Colleen is a pre-school teacher who is looking for a job locally.  She enjoys crocheting and reading in her spare time.


Name:  Barbara D’Amigo

Address:  54 Carolina Shores Pkwy.


Barbara and her daughter Maritza moved here in July from Philadelphia.  She also had a vacation home in Wildwood, NJ.  She is a retired lab tech and likes to volunteer, especially with the elderly.


Name:  Tom and Terry Schloessmann

Address:  33 Swamp Fox Dr.

Phone: 575-1108

Email: tschloessmann@hotmail.com (Tom); mtschloessman@hotmail.com (Terry)


Tom and Terry moved here in July from Napa Valley, California with their beautiful Golden Retriever, Chance.  They have four sons, two in Napa, one in San Diego and one in Seattle.  They also have three grandchildren.  Tom is a retired CFO with a large corporation and Terry worked in Social Services at an Assisted Living facility.  They love the beach and she is an avid reader.  They are thrilled to have found this area and this house (all done via the internet) and are looking forward to their new life on the East Coast.







Name: Donna and Harold Wainman

Address: 12 Calabash Ct.

Email: dfwainman@msn.com


Donna and Harold moved here in July from Richmond, VA with their mixed breed beagle, Boots.  Harold is a retired college administrator who also spent years in sales and marketing.  He wants to golf more now.  He enjoys military history and also loves to play challenging board games. He would like to set up a group to play these games-so look for an announcement regarding this soon!  Donna worked in financial services.  She loves to read and also enjoys the pool.  They both enjoy swimming.  They are excited to be living here in this beautiful neighborhood.



If you recently purchased a home in Carolina Shores and have not been greeted by the Welcoming Committee, please contact Flo at 575-6243 or dfp324@atmc.net.



Care Team – Flo Pflaster


http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/customer-care-team-d-isolated-43443409.jpgThe Carolina Shores Care Team is a group that residents with a temporary need for some short term help can contact.  We give rides to the doctor, the grocery store and even the nursing home when you have a partner who is in rehab.  We also can take your trash to the recycling center, fix you some hot meals or help take care of your pets when you are unable to care for them.


We have eighteen (18) volunteers on the team ready and willing to help when called on.  Just to make it clear, Flo Pflaster coordinates communication with the Team through the Nextdoorcarolinashores.com website.  If you are a volunteer, that is the way you will get a request to help a resident in need.


However, if you are someone who wants help, you just have to contact Flo Pflaster at 575-6243 or dfp324@atmc.net.  I will do my best to find someone to help you out.






A Big Thank You

How can I express my gratitude for all my friends who helped me get through Ed's illness.  For all those who went to the hospital and the rehab center to see him, I thank you with all my heart; and the rides given to me.  To Cindy Stevenson who came every Tuesday evening to help me and to Cookie Manturi who called every day and was there for me whenever I needed her. They were my Angels.  To Dan and Sue O'Reilly who watched my house for me.  To Peg and Don Bringenburg who were with me the night Ed passed away, I thank you all.  Those who drove to Mt. Pleasant for the funeral, I will always be grateful.  The number of cards Keith and I received, the Mass cards and the food were so appreciated.  Thank you all again, I will never forget any of you.

Fondly, Grayce Farley








Sales and Services

MC900295650[1]Dog walking or sitting in my home for the day or while you are on vacation.  Must bring to my house and must be housebroken.  $10.00 per day.  Call Mae Kerr at 575-2209.

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSRZgc-SiZpQcIulE0zYS0P4KBJK_WlW1_JhbAtAEhL17B9WPeNsgMoving/Organization - whether selling your house or just need to organize or refresh, call Grace at 910-575-5369.  Satisfaction a certainty.  Free Estimates.

Golf Clinics $25 each or private lessons at Thistle Golf Club with Martin Sludds, PGA Golf Coach.  910-368-5669.

Piano, Violin lessons.  Graduate of New England Conservatory.  Call Susan Scott at 910-579-0887.

Landscape Transformation We make your yard beautiful. Call James & Terri at 910-515-9691.  We take pride in what we do.  James is also a handyman who can fix most anything.  Powerwashing.  Free estimates.

http://sr.photos2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/CSP/CSP902/k9026382.jpgMary Kay Cosmetics -  Contact Ester Malmfeldt for any of your needs and receive that day.  I have been in the business for 35 years.  Call 910-579-0638 or email esprits33@gmail.com

Ladies' Massage Party - Fun and relaxation with friends and a massage, too! All are good for you! Hostess receives complimentary massage. Call  910-575-5975 for details . Gloria Schroppe NC Lic. # 6366

MP900402124[1]Experienced home health care provider, certified in CPR and First Aid is seeking employment for full or part-time position, hours and time are flexible day or night.  Please call Shawn at 910-363-7209.

http://americanhistory.phillipmartin.info/amhis_liberty_bell.gifCleaning out?   LIBERTY BELLE THRIFT- Accepting furniture, household, decor, clothing, costume jewelry, bric-a-brac. Managed by C.S. neighbors.  10136 Beach Dr.  next to min. golf.  10-5 Mon.-Sat.910-622-2122. 10% Veterans discount.

Need help with the refinishing, repairs, etc. of your home’s interior due to recent storm damage?  Former remodeling contractor with 30 years’ experience can help.  Call for free consultation. Very likely I will be able to save you $$$. I am a Carolina Shores resident. Call Lee at 579-3121 or 910-200-5687. 

Itransparent-1pxnterior Design Services Professional and affordable.  No job too small or too large.  Call Carol St. Hilaire at 336-266-2303

vYzcZ[1]Plumbing service.  Will do light plumbing jobs.  Reasonable rates.  call 910-575-1004 or 860-558-6999

Sullivan Home Inspection Team (Mike & Judy) are residents of CS.  If you are selling, buying or just curious what condition your home is in, we would like to help you. Cell 608-770-0603 or 608-712-0010.

Calabash Wholesale ComputersWe sell Laptops, Apple MacBooks, Desktops and more. Need an Upgrade or Repair? Call Patty at 910-575-7850.  CWC new location on August 1, 2016 will be Vision Square, 10195-6 Beach Dr. SW, Calabash.  Open Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Clinique-Makeup[1]Avon Are you looking for an Avon representative?  Call Mae at 575-2209.

Plants and Custom Greeting Cards, art and/or verse for that special occasion.  Call Kitty at 579-1873.

Tastefully Done Meal Service - Tastefully Done is a unique chef service providing you affordable customized meals, a weekly or bi-weekly service. C all Bob at 579-9666.

http://www.apurrfectway.com/images/Purrfect-Way-NoTypetrial.gif Honest and Reliable:  Do you need someone to pet sit, take care of your plants, run errands, and/or house sit?  North Myrtle Beach to Shallotte.  Call Whitney at 910-363-7588.

Websites of any size for your business or service:coast2coastsites.com. 15 plus years of experience.  Free estimates. Call Tim at 579-8154 or tim@coast2coastsites.com

http://www.clipartguide.com/_named_clipart_images/0511-0906-1518-2026_Window_Cleaner_Using_a_Squeegie_clipart_image.jpgWindow Washing Carolina Shores resident has done many homes in the Community.  Results guaranteed.  Call for free estimate.  Lee Hancock 579-3121

Elliana Agnello-Fetsko, Realtor, Century 21 Coastal Lifestyles and Kemp Nash, Broker, are the team who can assist you with all of your real estate needs for North and South Carolina.  Contact Elliana at 575-7557 or Kemp at (843) 272-6754

Nell's Fine Consignment of Calabash Closet Concierge Service for Ladies  We'll Help You Clean Out Your Closet - You'll Make Money!  Visit us at the Calabash Cottages, 10152 Beach Dr. SW, for particulars.

MDH Home Improvements -Dwayne Hunter 910-269- 6172 All home repairs, decks, vinyl siding, flooring, painting. No Job too Small - Reasonable Rates

Pet Sitting /Dog Walking Loving Care for Your Pets in their own home. Extended visits available. Peggy Adduce 910- 200-6327

Painting clip artRoger’s Painting No Job Too Small!  Inside – Outside – No spraying.  Paid only when job is complete and you are satisfied.  Call Roger at 516-768-7209.

http://comps.canstockphoto.com/can-stock-photo_csp10931726.jpgNeil’s painting and staining, exterior and interior.  Powerwashing.  Call Neil at 910-575-3663 or


“16 ft. Weenonah canoe Adirondack model. Lightweight, made of Kevlar and aluminum.  Comes with bow and stern paddles and transporting equipment.  Teddy and Bill Altreuter 579-1057”

http://designalikie.com/dakimg/img/person/care_helper_grandpa.jpgIn Home Services. Respite care for homebound patients, help with household tasks or pet care, whatever you need. Call Joyce at 575-0825 for more information.




September 2016















9:30 Mah Jongg 

7:00 Mah Jongg

7:00 Men’s Poker



1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker





10:00 Needlework

1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Mah Jongg

6:30 Kings Row 6:30 Ladies Poker



5:00 New Horizons


9:15 Bible Study

9:30 Board Mtg.

1:00 Ladies Cards

7:00 Canasta


9:30 Mah Jongg  

7:00 Mah Jongg

7:00 Men’s Poker


9:30 Quilting Guild

1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker





Sunday Scramble


1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Mah Jongg 6:30 Kings Row 6:30 Ladies Poker




9:15 Bible Study

1:00 Ladies Cards

7:00 Canasta


9:30 Mah Jongg 

7:00 Mah Jongg

7:00 Men’s Poker


10:00 Book Discussion Group

1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker






1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Mah Jongg 6:30 Kings Row 6:30 Ladies Poker



9:15 Bible Study

10:45 Mexican Train

1:00 Ladies Cards

7:00 Canasta


9:30 Mah Jongg 

7:00 Mah Jongg

7:00 Men’s Poker



1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker





1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Mah Jongg 6:30 Kings Row 6:30 Ladies Poker



9:15 Bible Study

10:45 Mexican Train

1:00 Ladies Cards

7:00 Canasta


9:30 Mah Jongg 

7:00 Mah Jongg

7:00 Men’s Poker



1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker



Regularly Scheduled Events

POA Clubhouse

Exercise Class     Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8:00 a.m.


Tennis Court/Pool

Tennis   Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9:00 a.m.

Water Aerobics   Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9:00 a.m.

Pool hours for general swim – 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Recycle Center Schedule

Windshield Sticker Required

Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays — 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Tuesdays & Thursdays -  9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

Closed Fridays and Sundays


Please Note in 2016 the recycle center will close on the following days: January 1, 18, May 30, July 4, September 5, November 24 and 25, December 26.






The following meetings are held at the POA clubhouse:

The CSPOA Board of Directors will meet September 14, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. in the POA clubhouse.

The Architectural Control Committee meets the first Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in the ACC office.

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