To Contact Board Members or the POA:  579-2044 or e-mail at


Al Franklin – President, Peter Kirkby – Vice President, Kerry Jarrell – Treasurer, Diana Mardall – Secretary,

Jack Bendy – Director, John Csernecky – Director, Sue Hensler – Director, Charles Karnolt - Director


Merrilee Burns – Co-Editor      Chris Arrotti – Co-Editor

CSPOA website:



Message from the Board – Al Franklin, President


I have had both residents and nonresidents of Carolina Shores compliment the beautiful flower bed at the brick wall in front of the POA.  If you have not noticed, take time to really look at the area.  I want to thank Jack Bendy and the POA grounds contractor Dennis Langdon for all their work on this project.


Most of the residents in the community know about the NEXTDOOR website.  Since this website was established, it has strayed from the original purpose.  It was developed for residents to share event information, locate stores, doctors, and services, and connect in a positive way with neighbors.  Instead of providing a neighborly service to our neighbors and community, it has become a political soap box loaded with falsehoods, complaints and negativity.  The bad thing about the political soap box is that most of the information is unfounded and it causes a lot of drama and hardships in the community.  Recently a resident from another community put comments about the POA not paying their own way and that The Town of Carolina Shores is helping the POA financially.  Another example would be the persistent bashing of the Carolina Shores Golf course.  The negative comments will damage your home value and the home values of the majority of homeowners who are not uttering complaints.  That information has resulted in the golf course management receiving harassing phone calls by our residents.  I could give you more examples but I have made my point.


That being said, I am asking that the NEXTDOOR site be utilized for the original purpose and that you end the bickering and negativity.  If you absolutely MUST voice something political, please consider a more appropriate forum.  If you choose NEXTDOOR, you are obligated to verify your information and make sure it is void of insults, personal attacks and bullying.  You must be in compliance with the NEXTDOOR rules.  If you choose not to comply, your post should be deleted.


If you have questions about information you hear in the community, please call the POA office and ask. We have a great staff and they will give you the correct information.  If they don’t know, they will either get the information and call you back or tell where you can find the information.


Let’s not generate problems…let’s work together to correct any problems.  Get involved with your community and help.  Thank you.



Architectural Control Committee – Joe Martere, ACC Chairman


The ACC reminds all owners that it is their responsibility to obtain approval for any tree removal, not the contractor. Read the new change in the requirement regarding stumps.  Stumps MUST be cut flush to the ground, or commercially removed by grinding.


The ACC will inspect and approve all tree requests for the Town also, so you do not have to go to Town Hall.  These forms are available at the POA, and on the Carolina Shores POA website (


The new language and subsequent changes concerning tree stump removal and sign requests have been implemented after approval of the Board at the July meeting. The appropriate forms have been updated.


The ACC is here to serve the community.  If you have any questions regarding upcoming projects at your home, please call the office.  We will be glad to advise you as to whether you need an approval.



2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS ELECTION – Nominating Committee


We are asking property owners in good standing to consider serving on the Board of Directors.  We all have something to contribute and service on the Board will allow you to put your knowledge, skills, and experience to work, making Carolina Shores Community the best place to live.


Nominations will open on September 20, 2017 and will close on October 27, 2017.


Applications can be picked up at the CSPOA Office during regular business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon or from the POA website at  If you have any questions, feel free to call the CSPOA office or a current board member.  Thank you for considering being a member of your POA Board.


Term of Office is for two years.

Three Director positions are open.






September 13, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. – MONTHLY BOARD MEETING

September 25, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. – QUARTERLY BOARD MEETING





How to Submit Articles to the Bulletin

The DEADLINE for submitting articles for the Bulletin is 5:00 p.m. on the 20th of each month for the following month’s issue.

YOU MUST EMAIL ARTICLES to:  Do not use the office email. Be sure to include the name of the activity in the “subject” line of your email. Thank you.



2018 Directory Information

It is time to begin work on the next CSPOA directory.  Please check the current directory to ensure your contact information is correct.  If you would like to be listed or removed from the directory, please contact the POA office Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon (579-2044), or by email at



S & S Salvage – Electronic Recyclers, Inc.


On September 15th, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., S & S Salvage will be in the POA parking lot accepting old and/or broken electronic equipment.  There is no cost for this service.  S & S Salvage Electronic Recyclers LLC is a 100% green company.  They recycle old and new(broken) electronics.  Computers, desktops, laptops and monitors are examples of what they will accept.  Anything with an electronic pulse is acceptable for recycling.  None of the items go to the landfill.



Shredding Event – September 29th, 2017 from 9 a.m. to noon


Bring any paperwork you want to shred to the POA clubhouse parking lot on September 29th, 2017 between 9 a.m. and noon.  The event is free for Carolina Shores subdivision homeowners.



Carolina Shores POA Office – Emergency Contact Information


Emergency Crisis Catastrophe Disaster Warning Signs 3DIn the past, files were created for residents that wanted contact information maintained by our office staff in the event of an emergency.  If you would like to submit a contact name and phone number for your file, please send it by email or mail, and not by telephone or voicemail, so that we do not suffer any discrepancies in the event of an actual emergency.  




Men's Golf Association Activities - Kerry Jarrell August 18th, the Carolina Shores Men's Golf Association held its Senior Golf ChampionshipTournament.  The Senior Championship determines the Association's senior champion golfer of the year.  Seventeen golfers participated in this event.  Golfers were flighted into two flights.  The format was individual gross score.  The winner of the A flight and overall winner of the Senior Championship was Wayne Burchfield, who shot a sizzling 77.  Wayne's name will be entered on the Senior Men's Cup trophy which will be on display in the Carolina Shores Golf clubhouse.  Wayne was followed in the A flight by Jim Rogers, Kim Roeder, Vincent Hammerl, Pete Larkin, and George Bridges.  In the B flight the winners were, in order, Jack Bendy, Joe Gallo, Richard Boyle, and Mike Donahue.  Congratulations,



In the upcoming months, Association members will be participating in the Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club Championship, the Ryder Cup Tournament against the team from The Valley Golf Club, and the annual Turkey Shoot the week before Thanksgiving.  The Association hosts regular league play

every Friday.  A signup sheet is posted at the golf clubhouse.


The Association invites golfers of all skill levels to consider the benefits of joining our group. Membership in the CSMGA is open to residents of the Town of Carolina Shores over 18 years of age and to any members of the Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club.  Contact Kerry Jarrell, 575-2103, for information.  The Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club is still providing very affordable membership programs for avid golfers as well as occasional golfers.  Contact the Course to see which

level of participation works best for you.


Walking Group – Eileen Nawara


New Zealand Road Sign - Walkers Ahead Stock IllustrationThe walking group is returning.  We meet at 8:30 a.m. at the tennis courts.  We walk for 50 minutes and you can walk at your own pace.  We will start on Tuesday, September 5th.  If you are interested, you can e-mail me at or call 910.579.9425.  We look forward to meeting you.


Renegade News – Julie Farrell


Golfer WomanThe Renegades league play is on Thursday morning at Carolina Shores Golf Course.  If you have just moved to the area or if you lived here for years and would like to play in an 18-hole league, contact Debbie Creamer at 575-8163.  New Members are always welcome.  


A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in the golf club house for weekly play.  


The next outing is the Fall Get Away to Fripp Island, SC, October 9 - 12.  Three nights and two rounds of golf for $611 per twosome and free replays.  Accommodations will be in the cottages on Davis Love Drive.  All cottages are 3 bedrooms, 3 baths.  Open to all Renegades and a guest of their choice.  Contact:  Sharon Clark or Deb Courtemanche with any questions.



Carolina Shores Scramble Group – Diana Mardall


ATTENTION ALL GOLFERS:  The Carolina Shores Sunday Scramble group is looking for new folks to join our group.  We play the second Sunday of each month.  The Players take turns hosting the event.  Your responsibilities include:  picking a course in either NC or SC, planning a location to eat afterwards either at the course or a local restaurant, putting teams together by handicap and making up the score cards for each team.  Singles are welcome.  It is a mixed league and husbands and wives do not play together.  We do this so our members can meet new people.  Please call Diana Mardall at 575-7804 or Bill and Elaine Southard at 575-0536 if you have interest or questions. 


The September Scramble will be held at Lockwood Folly on September 10th.  The first tee time is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and show time is 8:30 a.m.   The cost is $35.



Meadowlands Golf Club – 20th Anniversary

The Anniversary Event will be held on September 20th, 2017 at the Meadowlands Golf Course.  Registration and 50/50 Raffle sales will begin at 8:00 a.m.  The Nine-Hole Stroke Play Shotgun will begin at 9:00 a.m.  The registration form and information are attached.  Registration closes on September 10th.  You can mail your registration or drop it off at the pro shop.


Click here



Tennis News – Bob Anthony

Open tennis is alive and well at Carolina Shores.  Open tennis is available to all POA members in good standing and on Friday, September 1, 2017, open tennis starts at 8:30 a.m.  Beginning on Labor Day open tennis will be starting at 9:00 a.m. and will continue to start at that time until Memorial Day, 2018, at which time open tennis will revert back to the 8:30 a.m. starting time.



Bay Tree Friday Morning Bowling League – Jeanne Paff


Bowling Royalty Free Stock Images - 14462679This fun league meets for 20 weeks on Friday mornings at Little River Lanes at 10:00 a.m.  ALL ability levels are welcome as a permanent team member, or an occasional substitute.  The cost is $11 each week for 3 games of bowling.  Weekly prizes are awarded, as well as end of season prizes!  Our season starts on October 27th, and runs through March.  For more information, contact Peter or Jeanne at 575-8151.



Casino Night for Charity


The second annual Casino Night for Charity will be on Saturday, September 30th at the Brunswick Center in Supply, NC.  Tickets are available now.  Call 910-754-2300 or go online at to reserve/purchase tickets.

More information is available on the website.


Click here



Recreation Committee – Sue O’Reilly


Happy hour beach bar Stock PhotosMark your calendars -  if it is the third Friday of the month, it must be "Happy Hour in the Park"!  Come join your friends and meet new neighbors at the POA picnic grounds on Friday, September 15th, at 5:00 p.m. for an informal "Happy Hour" gathering (weather permitting).  BYOB and any food items you may want (or to share) and enjoy for an early evening get-together for conversation and camaraderie.  There are no organized plans--just an opportunity to meet and greet neighbors you may not know and connect with those you do!   



Recreation Committee – Sue O’Reilly  


Trivia Game Box Package Fun Questions Answers Knowledge Quiz Royalty Free Stock ImageMotivate your memory, mobilize your mind--join us for another go at TRIVIA at the POA clubhouse on Sunday, October 8th from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.   Come with a team of 6 friends or we can arrange a team with other participants who come to enjoy a fun afternoon.  Water and soda will be provided but BYOB, if you choose.  To keep us energized, bring a snack or finger food that all can share.   It's always fun--hope to see you there! 



Garden Club – Joanne Bendy


OrchidDo you have an interest in horticulture and meeting new friends?  Then save the date.  Wednesday, September 13th, 1:00 p.m. at the Carolina Shores POA clubhouse!!!  It’s time to attend our NEW year with NEW officers and NEW speakers! 
Membership is only $10 a year and open to all residents and property owners within the town of Carolina Shores.  We offer a variety of programs, luncheons, and activities to enjoy.  Our first program is on ORCHIDS presented by Kurt Nugelmeyer.  He started raising orchids as a hobby.  If he can do it, maybe you can too.  The program is followed by a business meeting and social time with delicious refreshments.  We look forward to meeting you on the 13th!!!



Book Discussion Group – Susie Riggs


Book shelf blank spines, empty binding stand on wood textureOn August 18th, we met to discuss our monthly reading selection, compile our booklist for the coming year, and enjoy a delicious pot luck lunch.  The book that we read, Golden Son, by Shilpi Somaya Gowda, is the story of a young man’s decision to leave his small village and close-knit family in India to start a grueling medical residency in Dallas.  Many interesting points were made during the discussion and the book was favorably reviewed by all present.

After the book discussion, each member submitted one title to be included in our reading list for 2017-2018.  This list will be published in the bulletin next month.  The selections for September are The Barrowfields by Phillip Lewis and America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie.  Members may choose to read one or both books.

Our next meeting will take place on Friday, September 15th at 10:00 a.m. in the POA Library.  As always, the Book Discussion Group is open to any interested residents of Carolina Shores, and we welcome all new members.   For more information about our group, you may contact Pat McKay at 910-579-9550.


Mah Jongg Lessons – Marjorie Pettersen


Introduction to Mah Jongg.  If you were ever curious about Mah Jongg, a fun fast-paced tile game that originated in China, please let me know.  I will offer lessons in my home in a nice relaxed environment- no pressure to learn it all at once.  Contact Margie,



Needlework News – Flo Pflaster


basket with knitting needles and balls of yarnA small group showed up on August 14th to work on our projects.  We could use a few more people! We work on items for our personal use and for charity.

Come join us on the second Monday in September at 10 a.m. in the POA Board room!




New Friends –  Flo Pflaster



New Friends met on August 8th with a small group of participants.  This was the fifth month in a row in which only a few people attended.  We sat and discussed this while snacking and decided to put New Friends on hiatus for the time being due to lack of interest.  Six of us went out for lunch to Papa's Pizza in the middle of a thunderstorm and a water main break issue.  We all feel a loss but perhaps in the future, this wonderful group will be restarted.



New Friends Travel Group – Mary Pritchard


The New Friends Travel Committee is offering a day trip to Swansboro on Thursday, November 9th.  Swansboro, is an historic 1783 town nestled on the NC coastline where we will enjoy sightseeing or shopping before luncheon on the waterfront, and a boat ride on the Lady Swan before meeting our air-conditioned, toilet equipped bus at 3:00 p.m. for our ride home.  One more stop at a local garden, then back home @ 6:30 p.m.   Cost is $40 down when you sign up & $45 click here                             balance by September 1st.  Our bus is already half full, so don't wait too long to sign up!!


 Click Here



New Horizons – Carla Urban


MCj04398570000[1]The New Horizons Singles Group first fall meeting will be on September 12th at 5:00 p.m. in the POA clubhouse. The past two months seem like the quickest summer I have ever had.  Hopefully everyone had a nice relaxing and fun filled time.


Our group is open to all singles in Carolina Shores so any newcomers to the area as well as longtime residents are always welcome to join us.


We will be having many great dishes that the ladies will prepare for the evening.  We will also be planning programs for the coming season, so please bring your list of ideas for the things that you would like us to cover.  We are looking forward to seeing many familiar as well as lots of new faces.







New Neighbors – Flo Pflaster, Eva Jensen and Margie Pettersen


Neighborhood with homes illustrated on white.Names: Betty Butler and Rebecca Butler Veres

Address: 29 Gate 1

Phone: 910-579-7072336-807-2846 (Becky); 336-307-2847(Betty)


Betty, and her daughter, Becky, have relocated from Greensboro, NC, but were originally from Maryland and Florida. Betty worked in the Washington area for the National Institute of Health and Becky was a hospital administrator. They love the weather and the beaches of this area and wanted to downsize to a smaller place. They are looking forward to meeting new people and joining activities in the community.  Betty enjoys crossword puzzles and knitting and crocheting. Both are avid readers and love the beach stories set in the Carolinas and mysteries.  They have three small, adorable dogs, Benji, Bentley, and Baby, and a cat named Charlie Brown. 


Name: Irene Rowan

Address: 1 Ct 6 NW Drive


Irene moved here in August from the Pittsburgh area with her friendly mixed dog, Buddy. She previously lived in Raleigh, NC. She is a travel agent and mentioned travel as one of her hobbies. She also likes to paint, and when she is settled, she wants to get involved with that again. Irene has family in NC, Florida and California. She has 6 grandchildren and is expecting her first great-grandchild soon.


If you recently purchased a home in Carolina Shores and have not been greeted by the Welcoming Committee, please contact Flo at 575-6243 or



Care Team – Flo Pflaster Care Team now has 23 people available to help neighbors in need when a request comes to me.  If you want to be a part of this team, or if you no longer want to be on the list, please let me know.  When a call for help comes to me I reach out to the members on Nextdoor.  I don't get very many calls for help, but people are so very grateful for the assistance they get!  It really doesn't take much to volunteer.  An occasional ride, help with a small chore at home, a temporary need for dog walking, etc. is usually what is needed.


So, neighbors, continue to let me know if you need help and I'll do my best to find someone. You don't have to be on Nextdoor to request help.


Flo Pflaster




Sales and Services



Malea & Tracy’s LuLaRoe Clothing Boutique – Hostess wanted, no experience necessary!  Must love free clothes.  Call for details at 910-338-7369.  Please join our Facebook group Lularoe Malea Payne & Tracy Edwards. - whether selling your house or just need to organize or refresh, call Grace at 910-575-5369.  Satisfaction a certainty.  Free Estimates.

Golf Clinics $25 each or private lessons at Thistle Golf Club with Martin Sludds, PGA Golf Coach.  910-368-5669.

Piano, Violin lessons.  Graduate of New England Conservatory.  Call Susan Scott at 910-579-0887.

Painting clip artRoger’s Painting No Job Too Small!  Inside – Outside – No spraying.  Paid only when job is complete and you are satisfied.  Call Roger at 516-768-7209.

Richard Lawlor Painting and Home Maintenance

Rich Lawlor (Owner)          910-512-2517

73 Persimmon Road, Carolina Shores 28467

Very Reasonable Rates

Ladies' Massage Party - Fun and relaxation with friends and a massage, too! All are good for you! Hostess receives complimentary massage. Call  910-575-5975 for details. Gloria Schroppe NC Lic. # 6366

MP900402124[1]Experienced home health care provider, certified in CPR and First Aid is seeking employment for full or part-time position, hours and time are flexible day or night.  Please call Shawn at 910-363-7209. BELLE THRIFT- Accepting furniture, household, decor, clothing, jewelry. Managed by C.S. neighbors.  10136 Beach Dr.  next to min. golf.  10-5 Mon.-Sat.910-622-2122. 10% Veterans discount.



handyman[1]Need help with refinishing, repairs, etc. of your home’s interior?  Former remodeling contractor with 30 years’ experience.  Free consultation. Very likely I can save you $$$. CS resident. Call Lee at 579-3121 or 910-200-5687. Home Services. Respite care for homebound patients, help with household tasks or pet care, whatever you need. Call Joyce at 575-0825 for more information.

vYzcZ[1]Plumbing service.  Will do light plumbing jobs.  Reasonable rates.  call 910-575-1004 or 860-558-6999

Sullivan Home Inspection Team (Mike & Judy) are residents of CS.  If you are selling, buying or just curious what condition your home is in, we would like to help you. Cell 608-770-0603 or 608-712-0010.

Calabash Wholesale ComputersWe sell Laptops, Apple MacBooks, Desktops and more. Need an Upgrade or Repair? Call Patty at 910-575-7850.  Open Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Clinique-Makeup[1]Avon Are you looking for an Avon representative?  Call Mae at 575-2209.

Hellebore Flowers In Bloom In Early Spring Stock Photo - 38084720Perennial Plants for sale..  Call Kitty at 579-1873.

Tastefully Done Meal Service - Tastefully Done is a unique chef service providing you affordable customized meals, a weekly or bi-weekly service.

Call Bob at 579-9666. Honest and Reliable:  Do you need someone to pet sit, take care of your plants, run errands, and/or house sit?  North Myrtle Beach to Shallotte.  Call Whitney at 910-363-7588.

The-Timeless-Designing-Patterns-for-Enhancing-the-User-Interface[1]Websites of any size for your business or service: 15 plus years of experience.  Free estimates. Call Tim at 579-8154 or Washing Carolina Shores resident has done many homes in the Community.  Results guaranteed.  Call for free estimate.  Lee Hancock 579-3121

Free Starlight Dance 6 Stock Photo - 5464510Ballroom Dancing Classes

Singles and Couples Welcome

$20 an Hour

Call Joe 575-6849


Scott Lewis - Call Scott for all your powerwashing needs – Call your local powerwashing professional at 910-515-9691.

Nell's Fine Consignment of Calabash Closet Concierge Service for Ladies  We'll Help You Clean Out Your Closet - You'll Make Money!  Visit us at the Calabash Cottages, 10152 Beach Dr. SW, for particulars.

CS resident, Mary Zio, has opened Phthalo Blue Art Gallery at 7199 Beach Drive in Ocean Isle Beach.  The gallery features local and national artists, including CS artists.  Hours:  Tuesday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

MDH Home Improvements -Dwayne Hunter 910-269- 6172 All home repairs, decks, vinyl siding, flooring, painting. No Job too Small - Reasonable Rates

Pet Sitting /Dog Walking Loving Care for Your Pets in their own home. Extended visits available. Peggy Adduce 910- 200-6327

Rhapsody Electric Wheelchair – 2009 model – good condition - $750 OBO.  Please call 579-5855 for more information.

Electric wheel chairElectric Wheelchair - Jazzy Select 6T Scooter w/charger

$400 - Call 910-685-0395









September 2017












1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker











1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Maj Jongg

6:30 Kings Row

6:30 Ladies Poker



1:00 Euchre




1:00 Ladies Cards

7:00 Canasta




9:30 Mah Jongg

6:30 Recreation Committee

6:30 Mah Jongg

7:00 Men’s Poker


9:00 Quilting Guild

1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker








Sunday Scramble



10:00 Needlework

1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Maj Jongg

6:30 Kings Row

6:30 Ladies Poker

6:30 Men’s Pinochle



10:30 New Friends



9:30 Board Mtg.

1:00 Garden Club

7:00 Canasta


9:30 Mah Jongg

6:30 Mah Jongg

7:00 Men’s Poker


10 – 1 Electronics Pick up at POA

10:00 Book Discussion Group

1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker



Private Event



Private Event



1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Maj Jongg

6:30 Kings Row

6:30 Ladies Poker



1:00 Euchre


1:00 Ladies Cards

7:00 Canasta


9:30 Mah Jongg

6:30 Mah Jongg

7:00 Men’s Poker


9:00 Quilting Guild

1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker



Private Event



1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Maj Jongg

6:30 Kings Row

6:30 Ladies Poker

6:30 Men’s Pinochle

7:00 Quarterly Board Mtg





10:30 Mexican Train

1:00 Ladies Cards

7:00 Canasta


9:30 Mah Jongg

6:30 Mah Jongg

7:00 Men’s Poker


9:00 – 12 Noon Shred Event

1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker





















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