The work of the Carolina Shores POA Board of Directors is supported and enhanced by a set of standing committees charged with reviewing and making recommendations to the board on designated issues. In 2006, the Standing Committees of the Association are:
ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: This committee shall review plans and make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning all new construction projects and decks, patios, garages, sheds, swimming pools, or other structures to be added to existing homes to assure that the projects are completed in keeping with the Carolina Shores Deed of Restrictions and the legal requirements of the state, county, and town in which we reside. In addition, this committee is responsible for reviewing all complaints received concerning violations of the Deed of Restrictions and all requests for tree removal and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for action on these matters.
AUDIT & FINANCE COMMITTEE: Shall provide guidelines for handling the financial affairs of the Association; submit a quarterly report; provide an annual balance sheet with profit and loss statement; etc. In addition, this committee will be responsible for developing a five to ten year plan for maintenance and repair of POA-owned facilities, and for evaluating and making recommendations for financing any capital improvements or additions recommended by other committees.
COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE: Shall inform the members of all activities and functions of the Association. This committee will be key in the Board’s efforts to improve communication within CS. Members will include representation of the POA “Bulletin,” the web site, the bulletin boards in the community, and other interested POA members.
ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Shall be comprised of members representing each of the various "sections" of Carolina Shores. This committee is intended to be responsive to the lot or condominium unit owners' wishes in regard to any area of concern. It is to report to the Board on any area. It shall hold meetings from time to time as its members shall determine.
FACILITY MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Advise the Board on all matters pertaining to the maintenance, repair, or improvement of the common properties and facilities of the Association. This committee must be lead and staffed by people who have some expertise in facility maintenance and management, and should take full responsibility for managing the physical maintenance of the clubhouse, the storage sheds, and the swimming pool, tennis courts, and recreation area between the two. The Board member who serves as liaison to this group will be responsible for dealing with vendors providing maintenance to POA facilities.
NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Shall consist of a Chair who shall be a member of the Board of Directors and two or more members of the Association. Shall be responsible for managing the process of soliciting nominations from community members for open positions on the Board during each annual election, for evaluating those nominations and making recommendations to the Board for putting forth a slate of candidates for each election cycle.
RECREATION COMMITTEE: Shall advise the Board on all matters related to the recreational facilities in the community, including: recreational/social calendar of events; policy and procedures concerning the recreational use of the Clubhouse and the swimming pool; and improvements and/or additions to community amenities. In addition, this committee establishes and publishes an annual recreation/social schedule for Board-sponsored events.